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This Saturday 3rd May

From the collection of the late Keith Garrett

Purchases Cash ONLY

Message by Tony Wilson

Gigantic Sale of over 190 bagged magic tricks, 54 plus magic related DVD's in bags of 2/3/4., 12 large Illusions, 200 plus individual card tricks and decks ,magic tables, novelties and numerous magic related items all in one place at one time in Auckland early in May 2014. All these items must be sold!

From the collection of the late Keith Garrett who died suddenly and unexpectedly last January.

Date Saturday May 3rd 2014
Place KG Magic Theatre at 9 Wheatley Avenue Pakuranga Auckland 2010. Please do not block neighbour's driveways.

Time open for viewing at 9.00 am. Sale starts at 9.30am and closes at 11.30am

Price groupings
General items are for sale in three price groupings ie $15.00, $30.00, and $50.00

Large Illusions will be on display .as is ,where is, and interested buyers need to make verbal offers to Keith's son Christopher during the sale period and when the sale finishes Christopher will offer the relevant illusion to the highest bidder. Any successful large illusion buyers must be able to remove their successful purchases off the property that weekend or negotiate a day or so shortly after.

How do I obtain an email copy of the items for sale?

By contacting one of IBM Ring 160 committee members (listed below) requesting an email copy of:

1 All general items of magic for sale (over 190 plus)
2 All large illusions for sale (12)
3 Photos of 10 of the 12 large illusions that are for sale

IBM Ring 160 Committee Members
Tony Wilson - President -
Roderick Mulgan - Vice President -
Danny Phillips - Secretary -
Terry Von Pein - Treasurer -
Alan Watson - Publicity -
Malcolm Silverman -
Syd Walker -

Any further questions please feel free to contact Tony Wilson President of IBM Ring 160
Phone 09 5769581 or 027 4771240 or

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