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Issue Number: #1081
Date: Sunday 23rd March 2014
Editor: Alan Watson
E-mail: editor@magicnewzealand.com
Hi here is the latest news

1. Editor's Message
2. 2014 Magic Castle Election Results
3. The Illusionarium On The Brand New Norwegian Getaway
4. The 2014 British Magical Society Awards
5. The Japan Cup Close-Up Magic Convention
6. Remarkable Magic #342 - Nick Lewin
7. Business Card Marketing - #333 - Kyle Peron
8. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Paul Hallas (Part 3/Final)
9. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
10. Magic Roadshow Journal Of Magic
11. Maths Tricks And Number Magic
12. Wayne Rogers Lecture - Vancouver
13. The Largest Banquet Put On By An Independent Magic Club
14. Marshall Brodien, the "Magician's Magician"
15. Latest Information On The IBM British Ring Convention
16. Birdman Of Yorkshire Performance At Blackpool 2014
17. Combined Convention Contest Deadline
18. Marty Hahne - Winner By A Hare
19. April Issue of Genii Magazine
20. e-zine Archives
21. Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

1. Editor's Message
Congratulation to Erika Larsen who is the new President of the Magic Castle. For more details on the election results go to item 2.

For all those who would like to read the Magic New Zealand e-zine in a HTML format go to: http://www.magicnewzealand.com/ezine-archive/2014-Jan-to-Dec-2014/1081-Mar23-2014.html

Remember if you have any magic news drop me a line:

2. 2014 Magic Castle Election Results
Board of Directors
President - Erika Larsen
Vice-President - Randy Sinnott
Secretary - Jim Steinmeyer
Treasurer - Maurice S. Newman
Saratoga Ballantine
Maurice Newman
Brian Tolman
Chip Chalmers

Board of Trustees
Max Maven
Rob Zabrecky
David Regal
Mark Wilson
Jon Armstrong
Joan Lawton
Steve Valentine

3. The Illusionarium On The Brand New Norwegian Getaway
Message by Stan Allen, Editor of MAGIC Magazine

On February 7th, I saw two performances of The Illusionarium on the brand new Norwegian Getaway. I have to say, I was impressed. From the minute you step up to the entrance, then walk down the hallway and enter the showroom, you are completely immersed in this new magical experience.

The design, the décor, even the wardrobe - all beautifully executed. Then a fine dinner and five world-class magicians (Jeff Hobson, Michael & Melanie Giles, Alain Nu, Losander, and Dimmare) whose performances are woven into just enough of a storyline. How did this amazing new venue for magicians come to be?

It's all in the April 2014 issue of MAGIC Magazine… plus a lot more!

Visit www.MAGICmagazine.com.

4. The 2014 British Magical Society Awards
Message by Marvin Berglas (UK)

Just to let you know on Saturday night in Birmingham, England Marvin Berglas received the top honour at The 2014 British Magical Society Awards.

It is for 'Outstanding Contribution to Magic'....He was initially nominated by the society (Britain's oldest) and then selected from an amazing short list by all the Past Presidents.

It was presented on the evening to Marvin by his father, David Berglas (a previous winner) as the award is named after him which made it a particularly poignant and a special occasion for both of them. Marvin is the 26th recipient ironically in the 26th year of the hugely successful Marvin's Magic Company he created which now distributes in 64 countries worldwide. It puts Marvin's name amongst British Magic folklore alongside some really renowned and respected Magicians.

In his acceptance speech Marvin said how proud he was to have encouraged literally millions of young magicians and made a point to say it was a team effort thanking all those that have helped along the way especially the Marvin's Magic team at HQ plus all their demonstrators past and present.

On April 7th Marvin will bring a unique perspective when he interviews his Dad - David Berglas at a special evening on stage at the Magic Circle. The interview is called "The Berglas Touch".

For further information contact

Marvin Berglas
MIMC with Gold Star

Marvin's Magic


5. The Japan Cup Close-Up Magic Convention
Message by Steve Marshall (Japan)

Hello from Japan,

Here's some news about a magic event that will be happening here this month.

The Japan Cup close-up magic convention and competition hosted by the Japan Close-up Magicians Association will be happening in Tokyo on March 29 - 30. This unique close-up event has grown over its thirteen years to become a very popular annual event for magicians, not only from Japan, but from other foreign countries as well.

Dr. Shigeru Tashiro, who is the head of the JCMA, does a great job every year lining up fantastic talent for this event and always invites special guests in from around the world to lecture and perform in Japan.

This year the special guest magicians include David Corsaro (USA), Denis Behr (Germany), and Kazu Katayama, Nojima Nobuyuki, and Youta Fukuda (all from Japan).

Every year several distinguished awards, chosen by the JCMA, are given out which include the Japan Cup award. This is a special trophy that the winners names all get engraved into and this trophy will eventually go on display in a special location.

The award winners for 2014 are:
Kazu Katayama - magician of the year and The Japan Cup 2014
Nobuyuki Nojima - best close- up magician
Yuji Yamamoto (Award of Merit, Ko-u-ro-u Syo)
Matsuyama Mitsunobu (Media Award)
Takuya Tozaki (Magic Circle Fellowship)

Another popular event is the competition which draws magicians from different countries. This year Japan and Korea will be represented. Paul Critelli, Chairperson of contests for the Society of American Magicians is an advisor for the contest and is invited to attend the Japan Cup every year.

One of the unique awards that is given out is the "Mt. Fuji Award" which is chosen by a group of lay persons only. Because of this the award is based solely on the merits of entertainment and astonishment.

If you are in, or plan to be near Tokyo at the end of March, The Japan Cup would be something you should check out.

Sayonara for now
Steve Marshall

6. Remarkable Magic #342 - Nick Lewin
Message by Nick Lewin (US)

Five really good books.

Inspired by our recent South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival here in Austin I am beginning my own '5X5' series of articles for Magic New Zealand. I am going to begin a five-week run of columns by detailing a list of five classic and totally personal favorite books that are required reading in my opinion. I am starting my lists with books because I still (maybe, I'm old fashioned!) think that studying from a book adds that little something extra to the learning experience.

I will have to begin with a Billy McComb book and although 'McCombs Magic: 25 Years Wiser' is the one I always refer to as the 'bible of comedy magic,' I am going to go with his 1987 book 'The Professional Touch.' This book was adapted from the wonderful audiotapes that my dear friend Martin Breese recorded as part of his Magicassette series. 'The Professional Touch' contains a treasure house of stories, tips and advice that are indispensable reading for any magician. It is a delightful little tomb that even includes a bonus in the form of McComb's 'Nap Hand Routine.' I have serious doubts as to how many people are still familiar with the game of Nap in the era of Candy Crush, but a bonus is a bonus!

Of course, I would be remiss in not pointing out what a great little book Billy's 'The First Book of William' is. However, I don't think it is available at this point in time. On a historic level, it does establish Billy as the creator of the 'Hot Book' effect. This led directly to the 'Hot Wallet' without which most performers would have empty hands in their working photos!

The second book I want to recommend is by Roy Johnson, the ultimate master of smooth commercial routines. Much as I love his first book 'The Roy Johnson Experience' I am going to skip to his next book the 1971 release 'Second Time Around.' Why? Well it is a tough call but the gem in his first book 'The Chewing Gum Trick' is now made somewhat invalid due to the change in packaging in chewing gum! His second book contains his 'Ultimate Key Routine', which is truly a classic and well worth the price of the book.

My third choice is the 2010 book by Ron Wilson 'Tales from The Uncanny Scot.' Of course I could have picked Ron's classic 'The Uncanny Scot' published by Richard Kaufman, I have frequently gone on record as saying it is one of the few books that contains an entire career for an astute reader. However, 'Tales…' is a glorious history of magic's golden Californian era by someone who was there and knew all the players. Plus there are only a handful of copies left and if you buy it now it might well be worth as much as his first book in a few years.

I couldn't decide which Harry Lorayne book to put on my list because they are ALL so darn good. I decided to skip the mental agony of decision and go with a Paul Harris book instead. There are also many fabulous options in the Harris canon but my eventual choice is Paul's 1979 book 'Close-Up Entertainer.' Why? There are just so many damn fine tricks in it. If you don't end up with some new gems in your repertoire after reading this book then trade in your deck of cards for a mandolin or take up ventriloquism!

To round out my list of five books I realized I needed to have a book of Al Koran tricks. I could have been traditional and run with 'Professional Presentations' and why not-it is a truly wonderful book. However, in case you haven't discovered it yet, I am going to run with Martin Breese's 2011 book 'Al Koran The Unique Years.' It is a fine collection of Koran's routines from various sources that kinda' fell through the cracks until Martin did such a magnificent job of rethinking the entire Koran legacy. There are lots of little gems hiding in full sight in this book.

Wait a minute! Where are my books from Alan Shaxon, Daryl, David Regal, Bruce Cervon, Max Maven, Bob Cassidy, Neal Scryer, Richard Webster………. Well I guess this is why I restricted the list to 5 books. I decided to restrict the numbers and go for the slightly less obvious books. Besides after nearly eight years writing this column for Magic New Zealand I am always ready to spot a potential supplementary column!

Incidentally, modesty prevented me from mentioning that I have a very limited number of signed copies of 'Sleight of Crime,' my long out of print 1978 magical murder mystery collection available for $40 via our website or at www.nicklewin@aol.com Just mentioning it!

My blog is at www.remarkablemagic.com
My web site/online store is www.nicklewin.com

7. Business Card Marketing - #333 - Kyle Peron
Message by Kyle Peron (US)

There are really 2 approaches to take with a business card. There is a branded calling card approach, and there is also a "business" card approach. I have done both for myself, as well as designed both for magic clients of mine. Both are different and do different things for you. The choice is really up to the individual and what he or she wants to get out of the card.

So, one thing you have to determine is if you want your card to be a true "calling card" or more "business" card. There is a difference between the two, and they both can work for you. It really is a matter of personal preference and what you want your card to do for you.

A calling card is mainly a continuation of your brand message and brand identity as carried across all forms of your marketing. It may have your logo identity on it, as well as your various contact information, website, phone number, etc.

A business style card is one that will have this information on it but will actually work as a way to generate business for you. It becomes more of a marketing vehicle and might include using the back of the card in some sort of way to give the person an incentive to take action to call you, go to your website, etc.

Also, business cards do more than convey the information that's printed on the card. A card that's ugly, dirty, printed on perforated paper, or full of corrections screams loud and clear that you're an amateur. No matter how many wonderful services you offer, if your card brands you as unprofessional, you lose business. A clean, creative, professionally printed, and visually attractive card on the other hand, conveys a positive first impression that lingers long after your initial meeting.

Still, a savvy businessperson knows that adding your unique marketing-oriented text to a business card, in addition to contact information, pays off. One strategy is to add text that gives your unique, specific customer benefits.

For example:

1) Easy to PAY "Credit Cards Accepted"
2) Easy to get AHOLD of "Requests handled within 24hrs."
3) Easy to get ADVICE or INFO "Use our simple Information form."
4) "Present or mention this card for a free magic trick."
5) "Receive your first show at 25% off by requesting a promo kit."
6) "Log onto kyleandkellymagic.com for current discount coupons!"
7) "Free upgrade to our deluxe package by mentioning the number on this card."
8) The back of the card can be a useful calendar.
9) Survey, redeemable for a free gift - could direct them to a web page survey, where they fill it out and get a free gift or discount.
10) Punch card for frequent clients - acts as a referral rewards system.
11) A fun optical illusion, magic trick, or question where they can be directed to your website for more like it or for the answers.
12) A calendar of your upcoming public performances.
13) The card could be a magnet to be used and seen on the fridge by the prospect.
14) Could have a listing of most common measurement conversion chart - gives them a reason to hold onto it for their use.
15) A list of your top 5 tips for a successful event.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with having your card be just a "calling card". If you have other marketing materials that have a call to action that you use, then a calling card may not be a bad way to go as it is a continuation of your brand identity. However, you could have your business card doing double duty by not only listing your contact information, but by having an effective call to action as well.

No matter which direction you go in, always remember that your business card is a direct representation of what you do, what you are about, and the services you provide. Do not settle for second best or for a card that looks "cheap". A professional and high-quality card will say a lot about your services long before they even begin to read it. Make your card work for you.

It is hard this day and age to get folks to understand that the first impression you often ever make on a prospect is in the materials you send out to them. If this is the case, why wouldn't you want these materials to be designed in the best way possible?

Too many folks have PCs and desktop publishing software. It is too easy to create artwork and get them done up that everyone thinks they can do it. What they forget to realize is that graphic design and communications through graphical means is a learned skill, and one that takes a long time to understand and to do well.

I take pride in the fact that I spent 5 years in art school getting a double degree in graphic design and illustration. Those hard 5 years were spent studying, learning, and applying design ideas and principles to give me the knowledge I need to design print material that communicates the message of my clients the best that it can. Design is not about making something look pretty. There is so much more to it than that. This is why I take pride in the designs I create for my clients. It is a process where I really find out what makes the person, service, or business unique, and then create graphics that communicate this message clearly to his or her marketplace.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at magic4u02@aol.com. I would love to hear from you.

Entertainers, please visit:

8. Magic - Art, Craft Or Neither - Paul Hallas (Part 3/Final)
Message by Anthony Darkstone USA/Europe

(An ongoing series with Special Guests)

At the beginning of this series, I mentioned that I would be including thoughts and musings from various guests who have kindly shared their perspectives. In recent months, due to personal commitments and a very busy travel schedule I have not been able to submit to my column on a regular basis. Nevertheless, I am back and to start things in a wonderful fashion I have some interesting comments from Paul Hallas. For the few who may need to know, Paul is a superb International Mentalist with a unique performing style.

I met Paul a while back when he asked me to contribute to `Mindful Mentalism II´ We had a lot of fun with that and I was honored to be included alongside several leading names. In the course of discussion a few months ago, I asked him his views on Magic - Art, Craft or Neither. I was pleasantly surprised when he came up with the following article. Although it doesn't specifically address the point, it makes a better one and it provides a wonderful perspective that very few are able to discuss without his benefit of empirical experience. Of necessity, I have divided his article into 3 sections.

FaceBook: Paul Hallas

Another thing I found (at least in the area I moved to) was that the average person had no concept of what a close up magician was. I was under the false impression it was quite a common thing here (it really isn't). Having said that, I have had people in my restaurant who have seen the close up show at The Magic Castle, another couple asked me if I knew Doc Eason and another time I had people ask if I knew a neighbor of theirs, Meir Yedid. After asking they always seem surprised when you DO know them.

One thing I can say that I don't miss about close up magic in the U.K. are the huge Christmas work parties where 50% of the participants end up drunk as a skunk before the meal is over (do skunks ever get drunk by the way?) Since I moved to the U.S.A. I have not worked a function like that. Probably because the hosts of functions over here can be held legally responsible if their guests are over intoxicated and do something really dumb.

Of course I'm not saying you don't meet intoxicated people over here (or that I've not been intoxicated over here) but some Brits seem to make it an art form. Derren Brown referred to the boozy British banquet close up scene in his book "Absolute Magic" and that he was glad to be able to get away from it. Personally I didn't hate it, it put food on the table, but at times it was almost like hard work.

For close up workers moving in the opposite direction, to Britain, the occasional blunt British humor and negativity might be a shock to the system initially, but soon overcome (as David Blaine discovered when he attempted his starvation stunt hoisted above a London park). But just as humor can differ from country to country, even within a country the humor can differ in different regions. British comedian, Ken Dodd kept different gag books for different areas. He was an expert on British humor, but was never able to make a name for himself in the USA.

The truth is, a good close up worker adapts quickly to his audience and performs in a suitable manner. So whether you are here (USA) or there (UK), for someone that loves his work, performing is the easy part.

End of Part 3/Final

9. Updates So Far This Week on VanishLive.com
Message by - Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

Latest updates on VanishLive.com include:

Uri Geller Uses Psychic Powers to Determine Fate of Flight Paul Daniels Facing £136k Tax Bill After Caring For Mother Judge Judy Advises Magician to Re-File Suit at Small Claims Court Tributes for Richard Magic vs Science at the Magic Castle
On Location at MagicDealers.com:
Aaron Smith Video:
Teller Talks The Tempest The Ring Rip-Off:
Paul Romhany Illusionist Richard De Vere Dies Suddenly in Thailand Magic and Music:
Cris Johnson Mio Rodriguez Named Magician of the Year The Fabulous Fred Kaps:
Nick Lewin Unwritten by Lyndon Jugalbot & SansMinds Magicopolis:
Where Magic Meets Business by Adam de la Pena Strictly Scryer by Richard Webster and Neal Scryer Stunt Magician Wes Barker Goes Vogue Paul Megram Awarded British Children's Entertainer Award

Video of the week:

The opening sequence of The Illusionists, the show that's packing theatres around the world.

DAILY magic news, articles from around the world and reviews from working professional magicians.

Visit us today at:


- Mick Peck
Online Content Editor

10. Magic Roadshow Journal Of Magic
Message by Rick Carruth

A new Magic Roadshow Journal Of Magic has published online. If you aren't a subscriber to magic's largest Free newsletter, you can read this issue online regardless. Take a moment to sign up and receive all future issues in your inbox. You'll find the following in this issue:

Table Of Contents
Coin Opener - Paul Lelekis
Karl Hein and Marc Salem - Podcast
Werner Miller - Monthly Feature for Magic Roadshow Readers
BUSK! - The Heart of Street Performance (full doc, 42 min)
Mental Magic and Mentalism - A Quick Review
Three From Xavier Perret
How to Fan Cards Like No One Else.
Amazing Self Working Card Trick
Card Control Tutorial
Three From Fernandop1
One of the best card tricks - Color Transfer (Remake)
Flying cards made easy - Spread Control, Tossing cards and Hot Shot - Tutorial
Spin Pass - Easy Card Technique
Things That Do Funny Things... Two videos
Magic Posters and Playbills - An Amazing Resource
How to Embarrass Your Significant Other With a Straw - Tutorial
Jay Sankey's Classic Pass Tutorial - video
Penn Jillette's Thoughts On Fake TV Magic! - Video
6 False Shuffles. Tutorial Card Tricks
Add Letters - A fun tool
What I Worry About At Night. (Aside from my weight, my bank account, and my hair-line.)
Free eBooks For Subscribers....
Bonus - If Other Professions Were Paid Like Magicians


11. Maths Tricks And Number Magic
Message by Chris Wardle

Maths Tricks And Number Magic - New book from Chris Wardle.

Chris Wardle's new book has just been released and is now available on Amazon. This is a collection of 60 number-based tricks and effects involving hidden mathematics. Follow the instructions and the book appears to be able to read your mind!

However, you won't find 'grey elephants in Denmark' or the number 1089 anywhere here, as these effects encompass a wide range of methods which have all been given some subtle and new twists. Although aimed at the general market, magicians will love this useful collection of varied number principles gathered together in one volume. Use these baffling tricks over the phone, in an email or text, in your publicity material or on the radio, as well as in more obvious performing situations. They have many uses for the creative performer. 96 pages, paperback.

Chris is an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle and has contributed to numerous magic magazines. He has a regular column in 'The Magic Circular', the magazine exclusively for members of The Magic Circle.

12. Wayne Rogers Lecture - Vancouver
Message by Paul Romhany

Magicians In Vancouver - (or if you are in town)

April 5th Wayne Rogers - a lecture that everybody will get something from. Wayne is the creator of many well-known products ranging from appearing ladders, shovels, spades, hat stands etc. This lecture will appeal to everybody ranging from things you can make at home such as his double sided envelope called FLIP FLAP, mentalism, stand-up and kids magic. Only $20.00 per person.

Details For Lecture By Wayne Rogers ....

I am hosting a lecture featuring New Zealand magician Wayne Rogers. It will be on April 5th starting sharp at 7pm doors open 6.45pm.
It will cost $20.00 per person and feature Wayne's most popular material taken from his incredible career as New Zealand's most creative magician.
It will cover magic from stage, platform, mentalism and kids magic, as well as close-up effects.

The room is 1803 at Douglas College - Note that because it is Saturday the parking closes at 7.00pm and at that time the only exit out of the building is from the 2nd floor, 7th street.

Here is what the lecture will contain:

Prediction to Envelope - an ingenious envelope that can make anything seem possible
Kiwi Kards - close-up card routine great for strolling and restaurants
Flip flap envelope - 2-Way Prediction Envelope
Rising card on clipboard - the most practical version of rising card - set up takes about 2 seconds and you can repeat it - perfect for home parties, trade-shows, stage
Which Hand / Flip pad
Force 4 Signs of Chaos - Waynes complete routine that he closes his one man show with -
Force 4 Mini - Brand New Never Seen Before - Waynes walk about version of his famous Force 4 Folder
In Your Face
Name Dropper - strolling walk about item to get your name in the hands of bookers
Slip Sliding Away
EZee Bank night
Color-Change Hanky - the ultimate version for every situation.

To book your seat please contact Paul Romhany at info@paulromhany.com - pay via PayPal or on the night. Limited seats so don't miss out on what will be the most valuable lecture you will see this year because it contains material for the real world magician.

13. The Largest Banquet Put On By An Independent Magic Club
Message by Don Wiberg (US)

April 11th Banquet.

This has to be one of the largest banquets put on by an independent magic club in the world. Last year we had 460 attend. We're hoping to top that number this year.

Tinley Park

Magic Man Amazes at Hickory Hills Event

Jamahl Keyes is just one of the many magicians featured in a full evening of magic on April 11th in Hickory Hills. The Magic Masters Magic Club, a Tinley Park based club, will present its 69th Annual Magic Show and Banquet on April 11th at the Lexington House banquet hall in Hickory Hills, IL. Tickets can be purchased online at http://tinyurl.com/magictickets.


14. Marshall Brodien, the "Magician's Magician"
Message by Scott Wells, A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

In 2007, John Moehring published "The Magical Life of Marshall Brodien". In 2008 I had the chance to visit the home (and museum) of the man himself. I got to spend most of the day visiting and hearing the stories come alive that were in the book. Unfortunately, I was not podcasting back then and today Marshall is in poor health and unable to recount his career with the clarity he once had.

So, this week I chatted with Marshall's longtime friend, Mark Holstein, about the that magical life. He talks about Marshall's beginnings in magic through the military as a hypnotist through his work as a trade show magician to his creation and marketing of TV Magic Cards and multiple magic kits and, of course, his time as Wizzo the Wizard on the Bozo Circus television show.

You can hear it all as well as see some photos from Marshall's museum and a video of him giving his carnival talker script from the Riverview midway all this week at: http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/marshall-brodien

15. Latest Information On The IBM British Ring Convention
Message by Geoffrey Newton PRO

Applications are invited for entry for the Zina Bennett Close-up Competition to be held during the IBM British Ring Convention in Bournemouth, England this year (24th - 28th September). Prizes are: First £500, Second £250 and Third £100. There is also the Rovi Trophy for the greatest skill with playing cards.

This takes place on 25th September in the Pavilion Dance Studio (photo). It has an excellent performance area and the seating has good sight lines. All performances need only to be presented once and will be relayed onto a video screen in the studio.

There are terms and conditions relating to the competition which include membership status and registration either for the full convention or a day registration for the 25th September. Andy Stone has kindly agreed to take over the running of this popular annual event and he can be contacted on: 02083 545487 or 07717 804315 (check for international code) or by email on AndyStone@TheMagicCircle.co.uk

Convention registration details are on www.magicconvention.co.uk and membership enquiries on www.britishring.org.uk

16. Birdman Of Yorkshire Performance At Blackpool 2014
Message by David Ginn (US)

Here is the act that brought down the house and got a standing ovation at Blackpool 3 weeks ago. Autumn and I laughed until we cried this guy was so funny, producing ducks, owls, and chickens. Plus the one duck kept wandering and quacking all over the stage. And Jon Archer's comments made it even funnier! Karrell Fox & Duke Stern & Jay Marshall would have LOVED this and worked it for comedy the entire rest of the convention! This is only the last 1/2 of the act. Get ready! --- David


17. Combined Convention Contest Deadline
Message by Becki Wells (US)

Thinking about competing at the convention? Better hurry the deadline is just a few weeks away. We are still looking for a few good stage and close-up acts to round out our competitions! You can enter one, two or all three contests.

The I.B.M. and S.A.M. will be holding their annual stage and close-up contests as well as the North American FISM Championships - with cash awards totaling over $30,000 as well as booking opportunities. If you are a member of both organizations, your act will be considered for the awards being given by both organizations.

Opportunities to represent North America in the 2015 FISM World Championships of Magic in Rimini, Italy can ONLY be obtained through the St. Louis competition. These positions will be awarded to the TOP North American residents with a score of 70 or better.

The deadline for ALL contest entries is MARCH 31, 2014. For more information on all three contests, the rules, and to register for the contests, go to the Combined Convention website - http://ibmsam.com/contests-temp/.

18. Marty Hahne - Winner By A Hare
Message by Scott Wells, A.I.M.C. with Silver Star

If you use livestock in your magic act, then you might want to come a little closer.

Marty Hahne, a children's entertainer in Springfield, Missouri, was required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to submit a lengthy "Disaster Plan" for his rabbit in the event of a flood, tornado, fire or other act of God. This "Big Government vs. the Little Guy" went viral within 48 hours and had Marty on the cover of newspapers, lead stories on television and the topic of much attention in the social media. Ultimately, even after he complied with the law, the act was suspended "pending further review". What a story.

This week on The Magic Word, Marty tells us how this all happened and how it changed his life and the notoriety he received on the world stage. At the end of the podcast, I added an excerpt from my conversation with Dr. Nicholas Saint-Erne (a veterinarian) who talks about the diseases one can get from their "magic" pet plus the care, feeding and handling of these pets.

All this is available on The Magic Word at: http://scott-wells-kdb1.squarespace.com/scottwellsmagic/marty-hahne You can also see a video of one of the TV news shows, plus follow a link to see a PDF of his 32 page document he filed. You can listen online or download the MP3 file, or of course, you can download it from iTunes.

And speaking of iTunes, please leave a five star rating for my podcast along with a nice comment. If you haven't got time to leave positive feedback, then you can always "leave a little green" by hitting the "Donate" button at the top of the blog at The Magic Word Podcast!

Thanks for your support and thanks for listening!

19. April Issue of Genii Magazine
Message by Richard Kaufman, Editor and Publisher of Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine

If you're a subscriber to Genii you are entitled to a visit to The Magic Castle each year--just one of the many perks we offer. Another is if subscribe for one year, or renew, or add one year to your subscription, you can get Ricky Jay's new DVD "Deceptive Practice" for 50% off the retail price, only $15, mailed anywhere in the world:

The April issue of Genii, the largest-selling magazine for magicians, is now live on line. The paper issue, with a free DVD included, went in the mail today.

On our cover, the legendary Paul Daniels, who still keeps very busy. Our article by David Britland traces his life and career from the very beginning through his famous and long-running TV series, to today. The issue comes with a free DVD of excerpts from "Bravura," Paul's new four DVD set from the Essential Magic Collection. The digital edition contains so many videos I've lost count, but there are many and you'll enjoy them.

Also this month, Rob Zabrecky, reports on Derek Hughes's new one-man show Insomnia, which is running in Hollywood. Hughes is always excellent, and Mr. Z knows him well. We have two video trailers for the show embedded in the digital issue.

Did you know that there is still magic being performed in Coney Island, in an ongoing show organized by Gary Dreifus, reported on by Carl Mercurio, and you don't need to ride on the Cyclone to find it in our issue.

You don't read a lot about female buskers. This issue Felice Ling, a busker herself, introduces us to a place most of us have not visited: being a single female performer on the street.

Joe M. Turner memorializes Aldo Colombini, who died suddenly of a stroke at age 62. Aldo was an extraordinarily well-liked magician who had a real gusto for life; condolences to his widow, Rachel Wild Colombini.

Eugene Burger talks about resetting your props with Jeff McBride--a subject dealt with too infrequently and of vital importance for the working pro (there's a video in the digital edition)

Jim Steinmeyer keeps "Conjuring" with a very fine standup mental magic murder mystery done with the simplest of props … and brains.

Dani DaOrtiz cooks up a quick miracle ala Hofzinser in "DaOrtiz ala Carte!" (Video in the digital edition). Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this: watching the video will make you want to learn the trick!

Max Maven ensures that every spectator has ESP in his latest "Lost Horizons"

David Britland's "Cardopolis" returns with the sequel to his January column, and a much more elaborate "Computer Deck"

The Academy of Magical Arts brings us "Knights at The Magic Castle" with regular writer Daniel Ulin back behind the keyboard, providing up-to-date behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt at what's going on inside The Magic Castle. This month Daniel does a video interview for our digital edition with Mike Pisciotta, the resident magician downstairs at the Castle's Hat & Hare Pub

John Gaughan's "Chamber of Secrets" yields up the "Klingl Die to Canary"

Please listen to our audio columns from Max Maven and Jon Racherbaumer, both of which are lots of fun (Max pitches the upcoming AMA Awards show and Rock teaches a sneaky trick).

The issue ends with the trio of David Regal, Will Houstoun, and Joe M. Turner critiquing the latest tricks, books, and videos. Mr. Regal says: If you own "Vapr" you will want to produce smoke from this issue of Genii.

That's all folks! Read, watch, listen, and enjoy!

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